B2B Digital Marketing as a Service

World is undergoing Digital transformation

Advertising and marketing have modified more in the past decade than they had within the previous one hundred—launching us out of the age of television spots, print ads, and commercial hoardings and into the age of websites, online video, social media, and google.

How can you turn these online consumers into paying customers? With top-rated Digital marketing services provided by a trusted brand by consumers.

B2B Customers Trusting Us to Track their Metrics

Why use Digital Marketing service?

Digital marketing is economical

Cost Effective

Digital marketing is a more cost-effective way to grow your business than traditional marketing.

Low barriers to enter into the market

Marketers can promote their products and solutions from anywhere and anytime, making it easier for small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) to compete with larger companies.

Digital marketing is quantifiable

Tracking KPIs is easy

Digital Marketing leverages the Internet and Digital technologies, making it easy to track results.

More Accurate

With improved tracking capabilities, evaluating results from marketing activities has become more accurate, which would be difficult with traditional methods.

Digital marketing permits for specific targeting

Targeted Marketing

With digital marketing services, it’s much easier to precisely target marketing.

Better reach to the audience

These targeting capabilities allow businesses to reach the audience most likely to become customers, making campaigns more accurate and cost-effective.

Digital marketing is effective

Run new experiments easily

With Digital marketing services, you can analyze the historical data collected, quickly make changes to your marketing strategies, and test new ideas.

Reach customer wherever they are

With more than 5 Billion people using the Internet worldwide, Digital marketing provides the best opportunity to reach people where they are when they’re reading about topics they’re interested in, learning about new products and services and shopping.

Our Differentiating Services

Content generation as a Service

Start writing different types of verified content for your audiences in various stages of buying and promote them in all channels.

SEO as a Service

Boost your organic efforts with the right SEO strategy for your business derived from website audits and health checks.

Website personalisation as a Service

Continuously optimize and personalize your website by tracking your customer journey thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

Digital competitive analysis as a Service

Stay updated about your competition, B2B customers and market thereby identifying the right content and SEO strategy to generate more leads and sales.

Marketing KPI tracking as a Service

Track the effectiveness of your marketing activities and channels with the right metrics.

Social Media as a Service

Detailed planning, execution and optimisation of tailored social media strategy for your business.

Benefits of SEO to various B2B Stakeholders

CEO/CMOs can get a better understanding of how their efforts are translating to lead generation targets by easily understanding the KPIs. These metrics can be crucial in making informed business decisions and accurate marketing strategy.

Product marketing managers (PMM) can now identify their target persona with the right digital marketing strategy and create tailored content for them. They can team up with digital marketers, sales, SDRs, demand generation folks to train on content messages that would resonate with the end-audience. 

It is crucial for the Demand gen team to understand and target the right kind of audience to make their campaign successful. With Digital marketing services, teams not only can identify the target audience and fit for purpose content , but they can also track the performance and create a better strategy from the data collected.

Content Marketers can understand how their content is performing in terms of getting more impressions and clicks, and getting to the top of Google search of particular user searched keywords. They can discuss with product marketers and digital marketers to prioritize a keyword for which content has to be written.

With relevant KPIs on hand, digital marketers will also be on the same page as all other business professionals. They can focus on the next level of details on why certain content resonates with the audience and how other content can be improved to provide a rich and better customer experience. 

FAQs By B2B Marketers

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Innoventsoft provides a suite of content generation services. Our B2B domain experts with a unique content marketing and digital marketing approach helps unicorns and large enterprises to up their game. We also provide flexible subscription based pricing and always strive to deliver maximum benefits for every investment you make.

We offer an AI-based content marketing platform to define content maps, understand your competition, and track 6 golden metrics for your marketing.

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