B2B Marketing KPI tracking

Track ROI of B2B marketing easily than ever

Calculating the ROI of marketing channels has been difficult earlier, but with the marketing process going 100% digital, it is the easiest to track the effectiveness of each dollar spent.

B2B firms trusting us to track their metrics

Measure KPIs to improve the effectiveness of budget

With the marketing process gradually going online, B2B marketers need to understand the track the marketing KPIs to improve the effectiveness of channels.

Marketing efforts translates into a webpage. Create it quickly.

Identify what content resonates with the audience

Understand your customer journey and find out which content will resonate with your audience

Create content fast before your competition does it

The creation of content is essential. In today’s world, everybody competes with every other brand.

Measure the impact of your content on target

Measure the web page with unique metrics

Find out the impressions, clicks, and engagement rate of your web pages to understand the performance of your content.

Track less and analyze more

More metrics are wrong for tracking marketing ROI. So discard the unimportant ones.

Know how your content is contributing towards lead generation

Identify if your interested audience is converting into leads

Find how many folks are filling up the form and CTA

Monitor if you are getting quality leads

It is essential to know the quality of your leads, if they are your target audience or not, or some random form fills.

6 Golden marketing metrics used by 500+ successful B2B brands and unicorns

Content Lead Time

Number of days it takes to create a piece of content such as a blog, eBook, etc. Benchmark with industry standards.

Content Frequency

Number of content pieces generated for the website per month.


Brand Discovery

Avg position of content in Google for a keyword.


Audience Engagement

Avg impressions, clicks, and engagement rate per month of each webpage or social media post

Lead Generation

Number of forms filled per month through various CTAs and landing pages


Lead Nurturing- MQL

Number of active leads per month from marketing channels requested for a product demo or having a conversation with sales

KPI tracking can break silos and align B2B marketers to common goals

CEO/CMOs can understand how their efforts translate to lead generation targets month-on-month or quarter-on-quarter. With a real-time market funnel view, they can now get all the information and make decisions such as channel prioritization, resource & budget allocation, etc.

Product marketing managers (PMM) can now get a holistic view of how their content resonates with the various target personas. They can now team up with digital marketers, sales, SDRs, and demand generation folks to train on content messages that would resonate with the end audience.

The demand gen team finds it crucial to understand what content will work for a campaign to be successful. With content performance handy, they can prioritize top content that matters to the audience and focus on providing more personalization to the end audience to help in conversions.

Content Marketers can understand how their content is performing to get more impressions and clicks and get to the top of Google search of particular user searched keywords. They can discuss with the product and digital marketers to prioritize a keyword for which content must be written.

With relevant KPIs on hand, digital marketers will also be on the same page as all other business professionals. They can focus on the next level of details on why certain content resonates with the audience and how other content can be improved to provide a rich and better customer experience.

FAQs on Marketing KPIs

Yes, you can. But manually tracking all the metrics is time-taking, repetitive, and boring. We understand the frustration of compiling marketing reports each week for the marketing calls.

Innoventsoft’s ICM platform provides all the six golden metrics and more for the team to have a meaningful discussion and make faster decisions.

Find out how Innoventsoft platform can help your organization to track 6 golden metrics

To consistently make marketing effective for an organization, B2B marketers need to measure six golden metrics. 

However, other metrics, such as scroll depth, user flow, etc., help investigate if any golden metrics are failing. And those metrics will be generally used by digital marketers to find out if there are a few areas that can be improved. E.g., the bottom 50% of high-performing content is not engaging enough, and the product marketer has to improve on it.

Innoventsoft leverages AI and NLP algorithms to investigate and provide insights and suggestions for better lead conversions.

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As of today, the Innoventsoft platform seamlessly integrates with 10+ marketing technologies. Integrating the Innoventsoft platform with your marketing 3rd party tools allows pushing the data for tracking marketing KPIs and getting insights wrt brand awareness and lead.

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Many organizations feel that it is difficult to start writing the content as suggested by the Innoventsoft Platform. Innoventsoft provides a suite of content marketing services such as content generation in those cases. We create content that matters.

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Track your marketing KPI with an easy-to-use platform from Day-1 and focus on lead conversions