Organic Marketing Course

This Organic Marketing and Content Marketing course is designed for new-age product marketers and digital marketers at B2B firms.


Organic Marketing -1

Learn about the various types of Online marketing, organic marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc, to avoid confusion about what is what in marketing.


Organic marketing Chapter-2

Learn about how B2B brands are scaling themselves recently using online marketing. With traditional marketing channels such as email marketing, or Ads becoming more and more ineffective, B2B marketers are relying on new methods to gain more traffic and leads.


Organic marketing Chapter-3

Learn the basics of the customer lifecycle journey in the B2B sector. Since this chapter covers fundamental aspects of content by keeping customers in the focus, we consider this as an important piece for product and digital marketers.


Organic marketing Chapter-4

Learn how to achieve organic marketing in your organization. If you are a product marketer or digital marketer, it is essential to achieve organic marketing to ensure you get adequate website traffic and healthy marketing pipeline without paying a bomb on paid sources.


Organic marketing Chapter-5

With more and more online marketing, it is easy for product and digital marketers to get lost in the data being emitted by web analytics tools or SEO tools. We have come up with 6 golden metrics ( 2 operational metrics and 4 business metrics) to help B2B marketers align with the business.


Organic marketing Chapter-6

Learn the common rules for only product marketers or content marketers to empower them in producing impactful content for the intended audience and customers.


Organic marketing Chapter-7

Learn the whole work of SEO for B2B in less than 10 minutes (including a working example)