B2B Marketing KPIs

Welcome to the fifth video of the 7-part complete Organic Marketing Course series!

Now that you’ve created content and published them, it’s time to know the ROI of your effort. There are different KPIs and metrics that you can use to track the ROI of your content.

In this chapter, we’ll start by looking at different sources of traffic for B2B websites and why every marketing effort today is a webpage. We’ll then move on to the challenges in knowing the marketing ROI and will understand how to track the ROI using two of the most crucial KPIs: audience engagement/brand awareness and lead conversion.

We’ll learn each of them by going through their primary and secondary KPIs, and towards the end, we’ll learn the 6 golden metrics for B2B success. And after seeing a working example funnel, we’ll summarize the video.

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Table of content:

  1. Sources of B2B website traffic
    1. What are the different web traffic sources?
  2. What do marketing efforts mean today?
    1. Why is every marketing effort a webpage?
  3. Challenges of estimating marketing ROI
    1. Top 5 challenges in estimating marketing ROI
  4. Tracking marketing ROI
    1. How to track marketing ROI?
      1. Audience engagement/Brand Awareness
        1. What are the primary KPIs?
          1. What is content lead time?
          2. What is content frequency?
          3. What are impressions?
          4. What are clicks?
        2. What are the secondary KPIs?
          1. What is content discovery?
          2. What is bounce rate?
          3. What is time-on-page?
          4. What is scroll depth?
          5. What is user flow?
      2. Lead conversion
        1. What are the primary KPIs?
          1. What are leads generated?
          2. What are leads qualified/MQLs?
    2. What are the 6 golden metrics for B2B success?
      1. Working example funnel
  5. Summary