Introduction to Organic Marketing

Hello there,

Welcome to the first video of the 7-part complete Organic Marketing Course series!

Here, we’ll start with a brief introduction to online or digital marketing. As you might already know, we’ll classify online marketing into two types: organic marketing and paid marketing.

We’ll then move into the types of organic marketing to help you better understand how organic marketing works. We’ll look at content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing.

Since the focus of this academy course is to help you understand how to develop better content faster, we’ll concentrate only on organic content marketing. 

After having an overview of the types of paid marketing, we’ll summarize the video.

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Table of content:

  1. Introduction to online or digital marketing
    1. What are the types of online marketing?
      1. What is organic marketing?
      2. What is paid marketing?
  2. Introduction to organic marketing
    1. What are the types of organic marketing?
      1. What is content marketing?
      2. What is inbound marketing?
      3. What is social media marketing?
  3. Introduction to paid marketing
    1. What are the types of paid marketing?
      1. Paid ads on Google
      2. Paid ads on social media
      3. Paid ads on third-party websites
  4. Summary