Knowing user intention and landscape can be complex

Understand Audience and Domain

Use Innoventsoft platform to understand B2B customers, competition landscape and prepare content quickly and frequently from Day 1.

Innoventsoft platform enables B2B marketers to improve content relevance in search engines using AI/ML. 

Value Chain

Fill information like sector and persona about your B2B business and Innoventsoft uses AI and NLP technology to provide persona and competitive analysis for you.

Persona Analysis

Fill in your target personas and discover what are the keywords your customers are using to search for a solution for their problem across channels.

Benchmark Against Competition

Competition can be from anyone and anytime. Track competition strength and weakness in real-time, and immediately plan to gain more visibility than competition.


Innoventsoft platform offers integration with your favorite SEO tools, collecting the data in real-time and analyzing it for you.


The AI content marketing platform for B2B software enterprises to generate purposeful content and drive organic reach.

Save time on analysis

Avoid spending days or weeks analyzing various SEO tools to understand your customers and benchmark your competition.

Consider metrics that matters

It is easy to get overwhelmed with a lot of metrics from different tools. With Innoventsoft platform, track only those metrics essential for success of B2B business.

Improve Your Traffic Conversions Revenue

Innoventsoft helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours.